“Smart Guns” are dumb!


Ok, I said it.  Smart guns are dumb.  But why?

First off lets explain what a “smart gun” is if you have not heard of them.  Basically it is a firearm that has built in technology that will only allow the authorized user to fire it.  In theory it sounds like the cure all for gun violence.  But dig a little deeper and the flaws are a little scary.

First off lets talk about the basics of the firearm.  Simply put, by pulling the trigger, it releases the hammer to hit the firing pin which then strikes the primer of the cartridge, firing the bullet.  No electronics, or electricity needed.  Its a simple mechanical device that works in about every environment, wet or dry.  With modern manufacturing, the failure rate is typically, worst case, 1 out of 1000 rounds or 0.1% of rounds fired.  The military spec is 1 out of every 10,000 rounds or 0.01%.  Now remember that failure rate.


“Smart guns” use either bio metric locks that read either palm or finger prints or an RDF chip that requires the user to wear a watch coded to the firearm. They have shown a failure rate (depending the the sources quoted) of between 10% and 20%.  In other words, 1 to 2 failures per 10 round magazine.  As with all electronics, There needs to be a power source, a battery like your TV remote.  Batteries die, and get weak with age.  Also RDF chips can have issues with signal interference.  And Bio metrics will not work well if the user is wearing gloves (Like us northern folk wear for 1/3 of the year).  Also, electronics do not react well with moisture.  Then there are some people that think that the government could just disable all the firearms by sending out a code if they wanted to. They would never do that now would they?

Now that failure rate I stated earlier.  Which type of firearm would you want to rely on to protect your family?  One with a 0.01% failure rate or one that has a 20% failure rate.  I honestly believe that we will never see the reliability of a smart gun as good as a non smart gun.  The military has already stated they do not want this and I doubt law enforcement would either.  If they do not trust it, why should you?

Now some of you may think I am biased against technology or new ideas. I am not.  I have been in the Information Technology field for over 20 years.  I like technology as much as anyone, just not in my firearms.  Especially if that firearm is the difference between life and death.

So, Smart Guns are dumb.

Gun Free Zones according to John Lott jr


Cruelty of gun free zones by John Lott Jr

John Lott Jr wrote a great article about gun free zones and mass shootings.  If you get the chance, it is a good read.  If not, here are some of the highlights.

Since at least 1950, all but two public mass shootings in America have taken place where general citizens are banned from carrying guns.
Mass killers have even explicitly talked about their desire to attack gun-free zones. The Charleston, S.C., church shooting in June was instead almost a college shooting. But that killer changed his plans after realizing that the College of Charleston had armed guards.

The diary of the “Dark Knight” movie-theater killer, James Holmes, was finally released just a few months ago. Holmes decided not to attack an airport because of what he described in his diary as its “substantial security.” Out of seven theaters showing the Batman movie premiere within 20 minutes of the suspect’s apartment, only one theater banned permitted concealed handguns. That’s the one he attacked.

Some examples John Lott cited where “Good Guys with guns” saved lives.
— Conyers, Ga., May 31, 2015: A permit holder was walking by a store when he heard shots ring out. Two people were killed. The permit holder started firing, and the killer ran out of the store. Rockdale County Sheriff Eric Levett said: “I believe that if Mr. Scott did not return fire at the suspect, then more of those customers would have [been] hit by a gun[shot]. . . . So, in my opinion he saved other lives in that store.”
— Chicago, April 2015: An Uber driver who had just dropped off a fare “shot and wounded a gunman [Everardo Custodio] who opened fire on a crowd of people.” Assistant State’s Attorney Barry Quinn praised the driver for “acting in self-defense and in the defense of others.”
— Philadelphia, Pa., March 2015: A permit holder was walking by a barber shop when he heard shots fired. He quickly ran into the shop and shot the gunman to death. Police Captain Frank Llewellyn said, “I guess he saved a lot of people in there.”
— Darby, Pa., July 2014: Convicted felon Richard Plotts killed a hospital caseworker and shot the psychiatrist that he was scheduled to meet with. Fortunately, the psychiatrist was a concealed-handgun permit holder and was able to critically wound Plotts. Plotts was still carrying 39 bullets and could have shot many other people.
— Chicago, July 2014: Three gang members fired on four people who had just left a party. Fortunately, one of these four was a military serviceman with a concealed-handgun permit. He was able to return fire and wound the main attacker while keeping the others at bay. The UK’s Daily Mail reported, “The night might have had a very different outcome had the incident occurred a year earlier [before Illinois’s concealed-handgun law was passed].”
— Plymouth, Pa., September 2012: William Allabaugh critically wounded one man inside a restaurant and murdered a second man on the street outside. Luzerne County Assistant District Attorney Jarrett Ferentino said that without the concealed-handgun permit holder who wounded Allabaugh, “we believe that it could have been much worse that night.”
— Spartanburg, S.C., March 2012: Armed with a shotgun, Jesse Gates kicked in a door to his church. Concealed-carry permit holder Aaron Guyton drew his gun and held Gates at gun point, enabling other parishioners to disarm Gates. Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright called the churchgoers heroes. Though Gates was stopped before anyone was harmed, he was still charged with one count of kidnapping and three counts of pointing and presenting a firearm.

Some call “Gun Free Zones” “Victim disarmament zones” and the above data supports it,  The media generally will not write about the “prevented” shootings, but rather sensationalize the carnage if a mass shooting of defenseless victims.  I believe that the talk about gun control would be very different if the main stream media did report of the armed citizens engaging these shooters.

WTF Wednesday – Accidental shooter in theater knows guns

WTF?  A Kansas man that is former military that “knows guns” accidentally shot himself in a movie theater.



His gun went off accidentally during a movie at a Salina theater Friday. But tonight this Concordia man says it has nothing to do with how well he’s been trained with guns.

Cody Deneault says he’s former military, but an accident can happen to anyone and that’s what happened to him Friday night at a Salina theater.

Deneault says he has plenty of experience with guns. He says he was an Army MP for three years, completing a tour of duty in Africa, and says he got his concealed carry license a year  ago.

“I think I either bumped the trigger or pushed it the wrong way or something and it went off,” Deneault said.

“I’d say my biggest mistake here was probably I didn’t have a holster,” he said. “And that is on me, for sure.”

According to the report, he was carrying his gun in his pocket  (no holster) and was “adjusting” it and it went off.  If this guy was trained, he must have slept through most of it.  Carrying a gun without a holster is just begging for this to happen.  He says this was an accident that could happen to anyone, I beg to differ, this was a negligent discharge that was 100% preventable.  He and the other theater guests were very lucky no one else was injured or killed by this “trained” carrier.

Lesson to be learned, if your going to carry, carry in a properly fitting holster!

Moron Monday – Hillary Clinton


Well we all know that Hilliary Clinton is an anti-gun progressive.  But what qualifies her for Moron Monday?  There are several reasons to pick from.  The one I wanted to highlight as one I believe is the most stupid is the suing of firearm retailers and manufacturers.

Hillary believes that a retailer or manufacturer should be held libel when there product (firearm) is used for evil purposes.  For example, she would want Glock to be sued and pay out if one of there handguns was used in a murder or armed robbery.  Regardless if the firearm was purchased legally or not.

So lets apply her “logic” to some other products.

Drunk driving – Budweiser could be sued for the car accident because the driver drank a 6-pack of Bud at home before driving.

Reckless driving – Ford could be sued because the Mustang is too fast.

Heart attack – McDonald’s could be sued because a man died after consuming a Big Mac everyday for the past 10 years.

Murder by wrench – Sears could be sued because one of there wrenches was used to commit a murder.

Electrocuted by lightning – Sue God because a man was struck by lightning while playing golf in a thunderstorm.

Seems kind of stupid, but that is exactly what Hillary wants to do.  She wants to be able to sue Cabelas because they sold a firearm to someone that used it in a crime 10 years later.  Like they should have known that in the future, the person in possession (which may not be the original purchaser) of the gun was going to use it illegally.

Imagine the lawsuit against Ford because they built a car that was speeding through a school zone and killed a student?  Do you really think this makes any sense to go after Ford for the death, or the person that was driving?

The gun, its retailer and manufacturer are not responsible for what the buyer does with it.  Cabelas didn’t pull the trigger did they?  The person holding the gun made the choice to pull it.

A challenge for the Presidential Candidates.. Ditch your security detail for 1 week!

CNN-Democratic-Debate-Reuters-e1444839965976 GOP_2016_Debate_JPEG-0429a_22427138_ver1.0_640_480

Most of the Democratic Presidential candidates have come out to show the hate for the 2nd Amendment and the NRA.  They believe that “We the People” should not have the right to protect ourselves and families. They say this while they have an armed security detail with them 24/7.

Time for ALL the Presidential Candidates to prove that that they can live what they preach.

The Challenge:

For 1 week, you need to go about your normal routine without your security detail.  You must follow all local laws.  If you choose to carry a firearm, you must do so legally at all times.  This means if a carry permit is required, you better have one.  You must follow all reciprocity and TSA laws when traveling.  So basically you will have the same security as the rest of us and follow the same laws that we must follow.

After completing the week, then lets talk about gun control.

Tactical Tuesday – S&W Shield


S&W Shield 9mm (bottom) Shield 40 (Top)

I do not do many gun reviews, but I will from time to time.  When it was announced a few years ago about the Shield, I was very intrigued.  I already had a M&P full size and was impressed with its construction and ergonomics.  When my wife was getting interested in obtaining her carry permit, she wanted a pistol that was compact, and easy to carry.  So we picked up a Shield 9mm.

Here are the basics – The Smith & Wesson Shield is a compact, striker fired pistol with a polymer lower / stainless slide and barrel.  3.1″ barrel and single stack magazine.  Thumb safety is standard unlike the full size where it is optional.  Available calibers are 9mm and .40 Cal.  The pistol is shipped with a standard magazine and an extended magazine.  Magazine capacity in 9mm is 7 rounds standard, 8 rounds extended / .40 cal is 6 rounds standard and 7 rounds extended.


Shield .40 (left) Shield 9mm (right)

If you read my earlier post about having both a full size and compact of the same manufacturer, this is a great example of why.  The Shield is a “mini me” of the full size.  Controls are in the same location.  Take down and cleaning are the same.  Triggers are similar (I prefer the Shield trigger to the full size).  Being that it is a single stack, the grip is narrower and makes it much easier to conceal.

The 9mm has very manageable recoil.  This version is very easy to shoot.  This is what we chose for my wife, and she shoots this very well.  Accuracy is good too, She could hit an 8″ plate at 30 yards.

The .40 cal shoots very similar to the 9mm except for the recoil.  I would not call it punishing, but you know it has more power.  It does have more felt recoil than my full size .40 and would say it feels a bit more harsh than my .45 cal 1911.  The accuracy is about the same as the 9mm.  I chose the .40 cal for my compact carry.

After shooting both, I do have one gripe.  It appears that the 9mm has a very stiff recoil spring.  This makes it more difficult to rack the slide verses the .40.  So much so that trying to lock the slide back is difficult on the 9mm, but the .40 is much easier.  They both cycle properly and I have never had a malfunction from either of them.

Accessories are fairly easy to find.  Most companies that produce holsters for the full size and have Shield versions.  The prices for the Shield generally run about $100 lower than the full size M&P pistol.  Typically it can be found for about $370 to $430.

The Shield is a solid gun that has shown to be a reliable carry gun.  So if your looking for a compact pistol, you should check it out.

It’s time for Armed Security in schools!


In the wake of the several shootings in “Gun Free Zones” just the in the past week, the politicians are all talking gun control.  They want to make getting the legal guns more difficult to get.  This will do nothing to save one victim.  It just creates more victims.

Anywhere there are politicians, money, corporate holdings and “important” people, there are armed security.  State capitals, courthouses, and federal buildings all have armed security.  Why are our children at schools not worth keeping safe by the same means.  When was the last time you heard of a mass killing at a state capital, police station, or any other place that has armed security?

When a killer meets armed resistance, almost all commit suicide.  What does that say about where these killings occur?  Places that are filled with victims with nothing but a sign and wishful thinking to protect them.

I used to work for a school district.  I saw their security practices.  Most are just “feel good” practices.  The type that the district can say that they are doing “something”.  Most of the changes (like entry door buzzers and cameras), occurred after Sandy Hook.  The biggest positive change  I saw was at the high schools, the police liaisons that used to carry just a taser were now carrying their duty gun.  Other than that, the security was a joke at best.

I believe its time that us parents demand that schools take security seriously and have armed security in place.  It could be some of the office staff, a teacher, or a real security guard as long as they are armed and trained.  But this needs to come from the parents putting pressure on the schools to protect our kids to make this happen.

Tactical Tuesday – Guns & Gear

pic1Smith & Wesson M&P 40 and M&P Shield 40

Size Matters

Full size or compact, whats best for carry?

Well the answer is somewhat subjective.  Both are good, both can be concealed and both have pros and cons.



  • Easier to conceal
  • Lighter weight
  • Lower purchase price


  • More felt recoil
  • Lower capacity
  • accuracy
Full Size:


  • Less felt recoil
  • Higher capacity
  • Accuracy


  • Harder to conceal
  • Heavier
  • More expensive purchase price

Now that you see a few of the pros and cons for both you have to weigh what you can live with.  While a compact is easier to conceal because its smaller, the short barrel effects accuracy and you loose typically half the capacity.

So, what does the author recommend.. Both

I personally own and carry both.  With that, I strongly suggest that if you do have both compact and full size that you keep with the same brand and here is why.  Manufactures typically will make both the full size and compacts very similar.  So features, controls, and triggers will be similar.  This makes the transition between the sizes much easier.  In the example above, the triggers are similar and essentially feel about the same, just one is smaller.  Now both of mine are chambered in .40 cal.  Having both the same just makes it easier for ammunition, and I generally like the round.  This is just a preference of mine.  I know guys that carry .40 or .45 full size but carry a 9mm compact because of the recoil.  One thing that I do recommend is when you carry a compact, carry a spare mag.  That full size may have a capacity of 14-17 rounds, the compact may have 7-8 rounds.  In my case, I carry the compact that is 7+1, and a spare 7 round mag as part of my everyday carry gear.

Practice, Practice, Practice…

A drill that I do at the range that I do recommend is shooting the two back to back.  Take the compact, shoot through the mag, then shoot the full size and shoot through the mag.  It will get to the point that the one thing that you notice is that one has a lower capacity.  Also practice swapping mags.  Swapping the mag on a compact is a little more difficult compared to a full size.

Now with that said, my preference is still to carry the full size, but I know this is not practical at all times where concealing is important.  So I switch depending on the situation.  Its a nice option to have.

Now carry on boys..

Moron Monday – Gun Free Zones

Gun Free Zones are stupid, feel good measure.  Criminals do not follow the law.  That’s why they are criminals.  Tell me when a “Gun Free Zone” sign stopped a mass killing?

Another shooting, another attempt by the politicians to restrict your rights.  The facts were not in yet on the last event before the politicians, Obama and Clinton specifically were calling for more restrictive laws.  However this time we are hearing more politicians and from the general public that are recognizing that Gun Free Zones are attracting these killers.  Put simply, “Gun Free Zones” don’t work.

In the past 15 years, all but about 1 mass shooting event happen in a gun free zone.  This last one was no exception.  The state of Oregon allows guns on campus but this particular campus banned them.  Their only security was a single security guard armed with Mace.  These killers pick these places because they know that there is no resistance.  More often than not, including the last shooting, the killer shot himself when the police arrive.  When was the last time you heard of a mass shooting at  police station?

And it does not have to be a cop to stop a mass shooting.  The politicians say that a legally armed citizen has never stopped a mass shooting.  They are wrong, it has happened.  The media just does not report on it because too few people were shot. Most would not qualify as a mass killing because it was stopped.  A couple that come to mind are the Oregon Mall shooting a few years ago where a permit holder ignored the “no guns” sign and ended up confronting a killer armed with a rifle.  This carrier did not fire a single shot, the killer saw that the good guy was armed, and killed himself.  Also there was the factory in Kansas that a Radical Islamist man was trying to behead the employees.  He was stopped by the plant manager with his gun.

When will these politicians wake up to the fact that a “No Guns” sign or more laws do not stop a killer from murdering the innocent.  The only thing that can stop a killer is the would be victims standing up to the attacker.

Last week I wrote about getting involved with gun rights organizations.  This is the time you need to get involved.  Protect your rights, by getting involved.  Call your legislators.  We need to push for National Reciprocity, and now more than ever, we need to abolish these killing fields called “Gun Free Zones”.

Get Involved!

WP_20150126_003Gocra rally at the MN state capitol January 2015

Get involved with your local and state gun rights organizations.

The very reason that the states have laws that recognize your rights to carry and self defense are because of these organizations.  I am talking about the non-profit volunteer groups made up of people like you.  The volunteers of these groups monitor and poll the politicians for their views and voting records.  In some cases the very decision for approval of your carry permit may be the elected Sheriff of the county you live in.

Choose the groups carefully.  Not all are equal or ethical.  Some use dirty tactics to drive their views, others are out just for money and accomplish little.  Then there the groups that are really anti-second amendment that act like they are for your rights.

Minnesota’s Gun Owner Civil Rights Alliance (GOCRA) is a great example of a group that does it right.  They have been able to get many pro-gun laws passed in a very liberal state, while stopping many anti-second amendment proposals.

When a rights organization can be aggressive but positive, the politicians and the media take notice.  All while doing it legal.  They hold rallies at the state capitols, not only email and call their legislators, but but also meet them face to face.  They make sure that us gun owners are heard.  They also keep the gun owners informed of pending legislation so you have time to react and take positive steps for that legislation.

The reason that I can legally carry today is because of organizations like Gocra.