A gun guy that does not believe in the 2nd amendment?

Now I understand that most liberals are anti-gun, there are
still a good number that are hunters. Then there is Yihan Wong, the former CEO
of Reddit.



“I am a pro-gun-control liberal who does not believe in the
Second Amendment”


“I also possess five guns: three handguns and two rifles —
one which I built myself from parts. It was fairly easy and a lot of fun, as I
am an engineer by training.”


Wait, what?  Did he
just say that he does not believe in the second amendment and he owns multiple firearms?
 So he wants to be able to own and possess guns, but not have a right to do so.  Can we say hypocrite?

He does go on to make a few valid points about if you are
going to write legislation for gun control, you should know how firearms
work.  For the most part, he was fairly accurate.  But its hard to get past his anti-rights stance.


“Almost every gun control advocate I know hates guns and
wants nothing to do with them. They are vaguely (or very) afraid of them, and
believe that if they fire a gun or buy one, they will suddenly become a gun nut
or turn evil.”


Then there is this one..

“I also believe that guns at home are more likely to result
in injury than be used successfully for home defense, so I believe in storing
them at the local gun club or armory.”


He basically does miss the point that that firearms are primarily
purchased for self defense.  Safe to say,
there would be no resistance to anyone wanting to break into his home.


“Being a gun owner who doesn’t believe in the Second
Amendment is really lonely. My liberal friends react with a sort of politely
sanctimonious horror to learn that I own all these weapons. My gun friends
think it’s absurd and despicable that I can be into guns but not support the
Second Amendment.”

I have no doubt that his friends do not understand him.  To think he owns and enjoys guns but think
that no one has a right to do the same is absurd.  Frankly, I fail to understand his logic at
all. Now if we applied his logic to, lets say, to the first  amendment.  Would he say its ok for him to speak , but no
one has a right to speak?  So is this a
case of entitlement?  We have all seen
the celebrity or the liberal politicians that say that guns are evil all while hiding
behind their armed security, but this guy takes it to a whole new level.

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One thought on “A gun guy that does not believe in the 2nd amendment?

  1. He has every right to not ‘believe in’ the Second Amendment (a more accurate statement is that he doesn’t RESPECT the Second Amendment, but I digress), but he has no right whatsoever to mobilize that lack of respect into efforts to destroy the right itself.

    NOBODY has that right.


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