The consequences of jumping to conclusions.

Jumping to conclusions.  Seems way to many are making judgement before all the facts are in.  Before the investigations are concluded, media, politicians and a lot of ordinary people are making judgment.

The most recent shooting of a black man, people are already saying that he was shot after being pulled over for a broken taillight.  That he did nothing wrong, and that he had a legal permit to carry a pistol.  Even the Minnesota Governor is saying that the man would be alive still if he were white.  How does the governor know this?  The investigation had just barely begun, but yet Governor Dayton knows that race was the issue and nothing else.

Within 12 hours of Governor Dayton, making those remarks, during a protest in Dallas, 12 police officers were shot.  5 died from their injuries.  A man, a black man, stating that he hated whites, attacked the police during  protest.

So by using Governor Dayton’s logic,  Governor Dayton’s words caused the attack on those officers.  Is it true?  Most likely no.  Just like saying that the motivation of that St. Anthony PD officer was race.  We don’t know do we?

What do we know?  A black man was pulled over by an Asian cop.  For reason unknown to the public at this time, the cop shot the man.  The woman in the car recorded the aftermath of the shooting.  Stated that he had a permit to carry.  In Minnesota, the carry permit information is not public.  We do not know nor has it been released to the public by the state if he did have a permit to carry.

So lets let the the investigators investigate.  Let them do what they are trained to do.  If this cop messed up, prove it.  He would be tried and convicted.  If he did not, the evidence will show he was justified.  Police officers, deputies and other law enforcement are human.  They are not perfect.   Some have made mistakes.  However, most cops are the good guys and we should respect them for it.  Lets not punish all cops for the possible mistake of another cop.  Lets not punish all blacks for the possible mistake of another.


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