9/11 and the Second Amendment, where we are now.

It’s been 15 years since that fateful day that changed America forever.  And it did change.  In the aftermath, this country saw a unity and patriotism that had not been seen since WW2.  Also, the events that day showed that this country had been complacent, thinking that “it count not happen here”.  The government noticed.  It started to make changes to “keep the homeland safe”  Most of which actually took freedoms away.  The people also noticed, they began to prepare for terrorist attacks.  Some started stock piling food.  The term “Every Day Carry” had new meaning and purpose.  Some started to arm themselves.

Before 9/11, the people that conceal carried did so to protect only from the “domestic” thugs.  After 9/11, they were also carrying to protect themselves from terrorism.  Conceal carriers are now carrying with multiple threats in mind.  They were now looking at capacity and reloading as before they would not consider it.  Revolvers were being replaced by semi-autos.  Six shots may not be enough, now they are carrying 10, 15, and 17 shots with an extra magazine for insurance.  Some have even taken to carrying a BUG (back up gun).  Others are training for something they hope will never happen.

Also during this time, more states recognized the right to carry.  Minnesota for example went from the restrictive May-Issue to Shall-Issue.  The “Assault Weapons” ban from 1993 was allowed to expire.  People started to purchase AR-15s.  So much so that it is now the countries most popular rifle.  There are now over 11 million people with Conceal Carry permits.

Does this all make us safer?  Some say yes, others no.  Mostly depends on their political leanings.  There have been terror attacks since 9/11.  Some have been successful like San Bernardino and Orlando.  However, there had been some that were stopped either by law enforcement or conceal carriers.  But something interesting to note.  While there have been larger scale terrorist attacks in Europe, those attacks really have not occurred here on the same scale.  Of the attacks here, they have been carried out in Gun Free zones. This reminds me of a “rumor” that during WW2, the Japanese did not want to invade the U.S. mainland because they feared that there were Americans behind every blade of grass with a gun.  While it has never been proven that this was really the reason or a deterrent to the Empire of Japan, could it be that it is playing a role now?  Could it be that the 150 million or so gun owners in America and the 11 million conceal carriers are a deterrent to the terrorists making a bigger statement here?  Or may it be the actions of the passengers of Flight 93.  Those passengers, even unarmed, showed that Americans will stand up to terrorism.  Those heroes saved many lives that day.  They truly showed what Americans are made of.

So those of the left leaning persuasion, that believe that government control is the answer to keep us safe.  That is just the complacency that can get us attacked again.  The progressive politicians would like you to believe that if everyone follows restrictive rules and laws will keep our country safe.  They are the ones that have their heads in the sand.  Terrorists and criminals do not follow the rules and laws of the land.  This is why gun control will never stop a terrorist from trying to kill us.  Laws are not a deterrent, but armed civilians, an armed resistance to terror is.

The 2nd Amendment was written over 200 years ago.  It is more important for the security of our families now than at any other time in our history.  When it comes to defending our country from terrorists, the armed civilians of this country IS our militia.  The armed civilian is our last line of defense.


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