Terrorist are not coming, They are already here. You prepared?

Well this was an eventful weekend.  First there was a bombing in New Jersey, then Manhattan.  To finish it off, a knife attack in Minnesota.  Politicians fighting over what to call it.  Terrorism, not terrorism, bombing or explosion.  It was ISIS, it was not ISIS.  Not coordinated, it was coordinated.  Foreign born terror, not foreign born terror.

So lets get this out of the way right now.  This was terrorism.  I don’t care if they are foreign born or not.  These men were out to kill innocent people.  ISIS claims that the MN attacker was “one of their solders”.  There may not be any direct link to ISIS from the middle east, but these men were radicalized anyhow.  Again they were out to kill innocent Americans.


Unfortunately, the bombing in Manhattan was not a shock.  New York is always a target.  The race in New Jersey, that was scheduled to have Marines race in, was a little surprising.  What I think surprised just about everyone is the stabbing attack in St Cloud MN.  St. Cloud is a city of about 56000, north of the Twin Cities.  Far enough away, to safely say it is not a suburb.  This is the upper Midwest folks.  People say that things like this “don’t happen here”. Well it just did, terrorism has officially hit rural America.  It’s safe to say that closing the borders and improving the vetting process is too little, too late now.  The bad guys are here.  We are at the point that we need to protect ourselves the best we can.

That attack in St Cloud also has proven something that the liberal politicians and the media do not want to admit.  A good guy with a gun stopped a terrorist from harming more innocents or killing anyone.  A former police chief, and a current firearms instructor was armed in the right place at the right time.  And he did it right!  Jason Falconer drew is legal sidearm, shot the terrorist till he was no longer a threat.  Jason saved lives.  He is by all sense of the word a hero.  No victims died, only the terrorist was killed.  Jason proved what he teaches in his carry permit classes, a legally armed person can save lives.

There is something else we learned from this attack.  The attacker was a former security guard, had no record other than traffic violations.  He wore a security uniform.  A uniform that most people associate as being the good guy.  He attacked a mall in a city that would not be on target list that most would think of.  He attacked in my back yard.  That is what a lot of people would say is a safe place.

I have been stressing to others for a long time that something like this could happen anywhere and we need to be prepared for it.  None of the politicians wonderful plans would have prevented this from happening.  Background checks would not have stopped him.  The only thing we can do is just what Jason Falconer did.  Be trained, be armed and be vigilant.

The terrorists are not coming, they are already here. Remember you are your first and last line of defense. Be ready.


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