Whats it like to conceal carry? A typical day of the concealed carrier.

So what is a typical day for a conceal carrier?  Like everyone else, we are all different.  But I thought I would share what it is like for me.

Now I will skip the typical boring stuff like taking a shower in the morning or eating breakfast, we all do that.  Getting dressed is where things start to differ.  Most people will take the weather and where they are going into account to how they dress for the day.  I also have to take into account which firearm I will be carrying and the corresponding holster.

So for starters, lets say I am going to work while carrying.  This would require a looser shirt, a inside the waistband holster, and then the S&W Shield.  Also, I would be carrying a spare magazine in a old knife holster.  After I have all that on, I would do a “print check”  to make sure that I am not “printing”.  Now when I get to work, as I exit my car, I always do a quick check to make sure my shirt did not ride up as I got out.  I will do this with my strong side toward the car as to obscure prying eyes.  As I get to my desk, all is normal.  Only thing I need to be careful of is again, is my shirt riding up.  I will check again before standing up as to not make it obvious.  Really at work other than making sure I do not have a wardrobe malfunction, there is not much different than a non-carrying person.  Going to the restroom, I prefer to use the stall.  Its not that I am shy, but just being careful.  Sometimes, clothes will not cooperate and if someone is waiting, they are looking right at your back side as your peeing.  Speaking of that, I also do not like the idea of having my back to everyone that is in the restroom.  Using the stall not only provides privacy, but also would make it more difficult for someone to sneak up from behind.  Now this covers work, where I can legally carry.  They just do not know I am carrying.

I used to work where I could not legally carry.  There I had to lock it in my car every time I entered the building and then retrieve it when I left.  Just another thing to remember when you carry, you may at times have to disarm due to the law.

Speaking of having to disarm.  Most states allow private establishments to post signs “Banning guns on these premises”.  Now not all states are like Minnesota, but those signs do not have the force of law behind them here.  You would have to be caught and refuse to leave when asked before they could trespass you.  That is all it is here.  If you fail to leave when told to, your trespassing and could get sited for that.  So to answer all the questions on how I handle that.  Yes, I carry in those places too.  Most of the time I do not patronize these establishments, but in some cases, I have no choice.  I take the risk of being “made” and have to leave when asked.  If that ever happens, I will leave with no argument.  But to date, that has never happened.

So back to what we are talking about.  So after work, everything is pretty typical.  Drive home, say hi to the kids, maybe make dinner.  I am still carrying.  I carry when at home.  So one could see me in the kitchen making spaghetti and I am armed.  So when its time for bed, as I am getting undressed, I lock my pistol in the lock box next to the bed.  Then it starts all over the next morning.

So if its the weekend, I may change it up a bit.  Depending on the weather, I may use a outside the waist holster, and carry my 1911.  Again I am carrying a spare magazine in that same knife holster.  Usually when I go out carrying in this way, I would be wearing a jacket.  If its warmer, no jacket, but I would be using the IWB holster with my shirt covering it.

The point to all this is that there are some adjustments to your life when you carry everyday.  At first, it seemed like you were always conscious to “appearing armed”.  After a while, you begin to notice how oblivious people are.  Everyone is not looking at your waistband wondering if you are armed.  It will take another conceal carrier to notice typically.  The general public does not pay close enough attention.

Now “Carry On” my friends.

6 thoughts on “Whats it like to conceal carry? A typical day of the concealed carrier.

  1. The S&W is a nice one for CCW. Conceal carry is no big deal to many of us in the western mountain states. I never had an issue from anyone over conceal or open carry (except the occasional West or East Coast tourist). Carrying a firearm here is as natural to us as carrying a Leatherman tool or cell phone caddy on our belt. Today I am carrying a East German Makarov but depending on my attire I will also carry a Glock 19 or FEG SMC-918, or maybe even a Ruger LCP at church.


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