Outback Steakhouse and pi Pizzeria bans “good guys with guns”

If you have been a concealed carrier for long, you have gotten used to looking for the “Bans Guns” signage.  Depending on where you live, the more you may see it.  Two businesses made the news recently on the internet.  Outback Steakhouse and pi Pizzeria in Texas.

Outback Steakhouse doesn’t serve ‘good guys’ with guns, neither should anyone else

The father of the slain TV reporter in Virginia leaves an Outback because of a open carrier.  Calls Outback corporate office to complain that they allowed a firearm in their business.  Outbacks response is that they do Ban Guns in their restaurants.

Houston Pizzeria Tells Gun Rights Fans to F**k Off

A new pi Pizzeria gets a bad review online from a conceal carrier, and the franchise owner tells him to F**k Off.  That’s a good business practice, tell a legal gun owner in a state of gun owners to F**k Off.

Now, as conceal carriers, we know that there are businesses that either are owned by anti-gun individuals or corporations.  Most will post signs like pi Pizza above, some will not, like Outback.  As conceal carriers, we are not forced to patronize these businesses and we should not.  As citizens, we have the right to call out businesses that promote the “shooting gallery” atmosphere and let others know.  Obviously, they do not want our business.  They obviously missed the fact that licensed conceal carriers are the most law abiding group of people in this country.  More law abiding than law enforcement even.

What most of these businesses do not understand is that most patrons do not care if a person is legally carrying a firearm.  These business owners react to the anti-gun politicians and groups without fully researching anything.  In the case of Outback, they are reacting to a grieving father that has been manipulated into a pawn for Bloombergs  Everytown for Gun Safety.  Oh, I want to point out, that signs are not bullet proof.  Those signs will not stop armed robberies, mass shootings or “bad guys with guns” . What they are doing is making a shooting gallery for the bad guys.

Other businesses just follow the local laws and that’s it.  There are a few like Target, that “politely ask” their customer from not carrying in their stores, but will not post signs or really do anything.  For those, I carry anyway.

For those businesses that post the signs, I will not be doing business with you.  I legally carry a firearm because I choose to not be a victim.  By asking me to disarm, means that you want you establishment full of helpless victims.  I will not subject myself, my family, or friends to that.  I will also continue to call out those “shooting galleries” to inform others of these unsafe establishments.

For those businesses that allow legal carry, there are about 12 + million conceal carriers that thank you.  You will enjoy our patronage.


Carry on my friends, carry on.


3 thoughts on “Outback Steakhouse and pi Pizzeria bans “good guys with guns”

    • When an establishment attracts attention to itself,like this, who would want to take a chance in taking his family into such potential danger? The day your family goes in could be the day the nut decides to make a name for himself. You antigun types can go……We won’t.


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