If Hillary Clinton is elected, is all lost?

So Donald Trump is down in the polls and it is looking more likely that ol’ Hillary will get elected.  I know what your thinking.  We’re screwed.  She is claiming that she is going to push for gun control on the first day.  Executive action supposedly if congress wont act.  We have been hearing this for some time.  Are we really screwed?  Maybe, maybe not.  It may really come down to the other races.  You know, Congress.  Even your state races could play into this.  Just remember how effective Obama has been on gun control.  He really could not get anything moving at the federal level.  All the gun control legislation has been at the state level of some states.  So, if the house does not fall in to the hands of the liberals, which is looking safer everyday, this will certainly throw a wrench into Hillary’s plans.  This is why Bloomberg and his cronies are spending so much on the state elections and legislative actions.

So what could happen?

Hillary wins the White House, Congress is in Republican hands.  Could stay very similar to what Obama had.  Very little to nothing advancing.  She could use executive action, but that too is limited.  Executive action can not create nor get rid of existing law.  Just force the existing laws to be enforced.  The scariest prospect is what happens for the Supreme Court vacancy.  If a progressive judge is appointed, there could be challenges.  I have covered these prospects before in an earlier post, so I wont re-hash this too much.  This appointment is the biggest concern of a President Hillary.

I really do not see a “Australian” style of gun buyback or forced confiscation happening.  There are far too many moderate Democrats let alone the Republicans that would not be supportive. There is a possibility of a new “Assault Weapons” ban, but even that would have difficulty I believe.  Pro-gun legislation would also prove difficult unless its buried in another bill.  Like the carrying in national parks that was thrown in a while back.

The only way we are getting anything positive will be at the state level.  Just like the last eight years, the only pro-gun movement really has been at the state level.  This brings me to the main point of this post.  The local / state races are probably more important than the other races getting all the attention.  They have the biggest impact on your gun rights right now.  These are the races that we really need to pay attention to.  This is where you and I still have a good chance to further the recognition of our rights.

We really need to research the candidates for the state offices.  The NRA does a good job of rating the candidates for Congress, but you may have to do some digging for the state races.  Some gun rights groups do send out surveys to rate the candidates.  I do know that GOCRA (MN Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance) does this.  This information is invaluable.

We must be informed to make sure we vote the best we can.  We also must do our best to elect the pro-rights candidates for congress and the state races.  The Donald may lose the White House, but we need to fight to keep congress and the state races to thwart Hillary’s plans.  We need to prepare the best we can.  I always say “hope for the best, but prepare for the worst”.  Which reminds me.  I think I may need to buy some more ammo before there is another run on it.

2 thoughts on “If Hillary Clinton is elected, is all lost?

  1. We note that Professor Helmut Norpoth still sticks to his original assertion that the polls are flawed and that Trump still has an 87% chance to win. I sure hope he is right.


  2. There is credible evidence that the Democrats manipulated the Republican primaries to ensure that Trump would win because with all the negatives against him he would be the only candidate HRC could beat. There is active bias within the mainstream media for her, and the Democrats have a long history of voter fraud. Any number of her actions would bring criminal charges against anyone else. If she does manage to steal this election it will signal the end of any vestige of either fair and open elections or equal justice under the law in this country.
    I agree that our best hope to minimize the damage she will cause will be with congress and at the state levels, but do be aware that with her in office all bets are off.


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