Illegal immigration, the stranger in your house at 2 am.

With all this talk about immigration and building the wall, it may be time to clarify things a bit.

First of all, I am not against immigration.  Legal immigration to be precise.  I am against illegal immigration.  There is a difference and it seems that far too many do not see the difference.  Also far too many do not see what the problem is with illegal immigration.

So here is an analogy that you could use to have a conversation with your liberal friends.

Scenario 1.

You are at home in bed, and you awake to a noise at 2 am.  This noise happens to be a knock at your front door.  You go to check this out, and a stranger asks to come in to you your phone.  You could either let them in, turn them away, or ask questions to see if this is legit.  Lets assume that you do not see them as a threat and allow them in to use your phone.

Scenario 2.

You are in bed at home, and you awake to a noise at 2 am.  When you go to investigate, you find your front door is broken and a stranger sitting on your favorite lay z boy.  At this point you do not know what his intentions are or if he is dangerous.

Now in both scenarios, a stranger is in your house.  One is legally in your house, the other is not.  In scenario 1, you were asked by the stranger to let them enter your house.  You had a choice, it was up to you to “vet” this person to see if they were legitimate and not a threat.  In scenario 2, the stranger had broken into your house, they did not have your permission.  You have no idea if they are there to rob you, kill you or ask for a sandwich.  You do not know what their intentions are.  They are not legally allowed in your home since you did not give them permission to come in.  They are in your house illegally.

Simply put, scenario 1 is like legal immigration. The stranger is asking to enter our country.  We “vet” them or check them to make sure they are not a threat.  We have the choice to not allow them to enter.  Scenario 2 is like illegal immigration.  They “broke in” and entered our country without permission.  We do not know if they are a threat and do not know what their intentions are.

Now recently we shared a news article on our Facebook page about a police chief stating that immigration is not a criminal matter, but a civil matter.  They would not contact immigration enforcement, unless the “immigrant” broke the law.  So the police, who are sworn to protect us, won’t do anything about an illegal immigrant unless they broke the law.  But, like my example above in scenario 2, the illegal immigrant has already broke the law by “breaking in” to our country.  It appears that enforcement is broken either by the laws not being interpreted correctly or the laws need to be changed.

As I stated above there is no issue with legal immigration, as long as the immigrant is thoroughly checked to make sure that they are not a threat.  I also see no issue having even more strict background checks for immigrants from certain countries that have increased terrorist activity.

So the next time you see the news talking about immigration, think about that stranger at 2 am .  Did they knock at the door, or did they break in?  Do they only want a sandwich or wish you harm?



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