Are schools a breeding ground for criminals?

Seems that violence among our youth is increasing.  Not only in schools but in everyday life.  I just heard the other day where a 12 year old in Chicago was caught in possession of a gun.  Bullying in schools is rampant and goes for the most part unabated.  What has happened?
I know this this is generally a gun blog about politics and so on, stick with me this will all tie together.
Now I should give you a little background about myself as this may qualify my statements.  Besides being a Conservative father, I also worked for a school district for seven years.  I worked closely with school staff and regularly was asked to review security video or look into student’s school computer usage.  Believe me, I saw firsthand what school district policy was and how ineffective it was.
People often wonder, what happened, or what changed in our schools that is breeding the violence, the contempt that these kids are showing.  Believe me the blame game is rampant.  The schools are quick to blame the parents, or the media (internet, movies, etc..)  There is plenty of blame to go around.  I do believe that those are factors, but there is another that does not get talked about.  The modern school environment.
This is the part that may get a little controversial, but I believe that school policies are a very large part of the problem.  I am not blaming teachers, they are following the polices of their employer.  If they don’t, they do not have a job.  Problem resolution policies are the real cause.
In modern public education, kids are taught early on to be reliant on others for their success.  If they have a problem in school, report it to the school for them to resolve.  If they have problems with a student, report it to the teacher and all will be fixed.  Problem is, this policy of “letting others” fix our problems, seldom resolves anything.  Kids are taught that others will resolve their problems.  They do not learn how to resolve the problems themselves.  To be self-reliant. (If a student does defend themselves, they get punished for it.)   Now, these “kids” grow up and they are still relying on others to resolve their problems for them.  Some of these kids try to do everything by the rules, but the bullying remains, these are the ones that are looking for a way out, and too often it involves suicide.
Some kids are crying for “safe spaces” on college campuses.  They really do not know how to process conflict or even a difference of opinion.  Here are your “Snowflakes” that you hear about in the conservative media.
Now besides the snowflakes, you have others that figured out that they can take advantage of the policies.  These are the bullies.  They know that the school policies will punish anyone that stands up for themselves, or fights back.  The bullies are rarely caught or disciplined.  If they are, it is rare that they are punished enough to effectively change their behavior.  Schools are afraid of getting sued, or reprimanded by the state.  So basically, bullies are not afraid of the consequences, because there are none.
These bullies also grow up.  Some straighten out, others do not.  Usually by now, these bullies have gotten into trouble with the law.  Theft and assaults are common.  The big problem when they are at this age is that they still believe that they can get away with it or the punishment will be minor.  So again, they run unabated.  In some cases, these bullies become the robbers, burglars, rapists and murderers.
Now for society, the liberal solution is again, let someone else protect the innocent from the bullies.  That someone else is either law enforcement, or the Federal Government.  It is difficult for the police to prevent crime, they must react to it after it has happened.  By then you’re a victim to theft, assault rape or your dead.  The government just keeps passing laws they say are to prevent the crime, but most often, it makes it harder for the innocent to protect themselves, i.e. gun control.

So to put it simply..
Because the innocent student was not allowed to standup to the bully in elementary school, the student may commit suicide, the bully grows up to become a thief, that commits armed robbery and kills an innocent victim that the government did not allow to protect themselves.

School policies are creating a society that is falling victim to the bully’s.  And somehow it all gets labeled as “gun violence”.  To them, it’s the guns fault.