Was The Parkland School shooting Preventable?

So 2 days after the shooting at a Florida high school, the details are starting to emerge. The details are scary. The bad guy with an AR15 is bad enough, but the failures that made it easier for him are what’s even more scary.

Lets start with the school. The school, like many have security procedures for dealing with threats like a mass shooter. I am going to highlight a few and what the result was.

1. Secured campus. The school is essentially locked from the outside world during the school day. Only open in the morning and the afternoon when students are either arriving or leaving.

The shooter entered at the end of the school day after the school was opened up for students to leave.


2. The school has a sheriffs dept for a resource officer. Their task is student safety.

The resource officer was either off site or on vacation the day of the attack.


3. The school has a lockdown procedure called a “Code Red”. The school initiates a code red at the first sign of trouble. It automatically closes and locks all classroom doors.

The code red lockdown can be overridden by the fire alarm. The shooter knew this and pulled the alarm, thus unlocking all the classroom doors.


3. The shooter was expelled for previously bringing ammo to school.

Law enforcement not informed.


Now, the failures of Law Enforcement.

4. The shooter had been reported to the FBI as a threat to the school from discovered social media posts.

FBI did not follow up with an investigation. The last threat was from January.


5. The police had been to the shooters home 36 times for reports of violence.

No arrests or mental health detentions even though he demonstrated he was a threat to him self and others.


Now, hindsight is 20/20. The attack was well planned. Just about everything that could have prevented or even slowed this shooter down failed. He effectively beat the system. A 19 year old that did not finish high school defeated everything the “smart” people had in place to keep those students safe.

The shooter is ultimately responsible for this, not the cops, not the school, not the gun store that legally sold the rifle. But the school, the sheriffs department, and the FBI failed to keep the students safe when they could have. Politicians want to change the gun laws and blame the gun for this. If everyone had done their job, this bad guy would have not been able to purchase a gun let alone be able to attack the school. If they had done their job, the current system and laws could have stopped this guy well before anyone would have gotten hurt or killed.

4 thoughts on “Was The Parkland School shooting Preventable?

  1. The reality is that the police have ABSOLUTELY NO DUTY TO PROTECT anybody… so the US Supreme Court has ruled. The schools, acting “in loco parentis”, do have that duty, and are failing miserably: rather than being prepared to defend the minors in their care, they are almost universally prohibited from having the tools to do just that by hoplophobic busybodies exerting influence in the legislatures to declare (as if another law to break will deter a would-be murderer) it illegal to possess a firearm at a school. Don’t we trust the teachers and administrators at our schools? If so, give them the ability to do so, with the best tools for the job: firearms of their own.


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