Is Virginia at the brink of civil war?

Unless you have been living in a cave with no internet, you have been hearing about Virginia. Now its not unheard of for a push for new gun laws when a new legislature or governor takes office.

What is going on in Virginia right now is not typical. There is a reason that this is getting so much attention. Virginia “was” a fairly pro-gun rights state. The NRA headquarters is there. I have a theory and it is a scary one.

For decades, the liberals have been pushing for gun control. Some pushed the line on constitutionality. Mag size restrictions, “assault weapon” bans and background check laws are the norm. But this is changing, the far left have now gained a louder voice. This far left agenda is what we need to worry about. Yes, it is about the guns, but nothing to do with safety of the masses. Its for the safety of those in power.

During this 2020 election, look at who is running for the Democratic nomination. All are far left, and a few like Sanders, Warren and Yang are socialists. Those socialists need the 2nd Amendment to be eliminated.

For Socialism to succeed, you can not have an armed populous. Socialism is a tyrannical form of government. The 2nd Amendment was designed to stop our government from becoming a tyranny. It gives the people the means to stop or even prevent a tyrannical government from taking over.

At present, about half the country recognizes how bad Socialism is. The other half wont realize this till we are living under socialist rule. When the 5th Amendment is abolished and your property is no longer yours, When the freedom of speech no longer exists, they may notice. But in order for this to work, the 2nd Amendment must be gone. The government has to be able to maintain control. To control you.

Look at what has happened in Virginia, the locals are pushing back, the governor prepares to use the National Guard to forcibly disarm their citizens, and jail them. Imagine the whole country enduring this. That is tyranny folks. The local Sheriffs are declaring their counties 2nd Amendment sanctuaries. So here is a scary picture to think about. The local Sheriff Departments and their citizens defending themselves against the Virginia National Guard. The citizens at war with their government. The next civil war has begun.

This is the beginning of the end of our freedoms if one of the far left Dems win this November and the Senate also flips. We will see what is happening in Virginia happen to the rest of the country. Not state by state, but at the Federal level. Imagine having some of the states and counties push back against a socialist Federal government. States would take sides. Imagine California at war with Arizona and Nevada. Scary picture isn’t it?

The first shots of the next civil war may very well happen in Virginia.